Thursday, May 19, 2011

Wet SS Reunion

Reunited and it feels so good. I've missed having my bike curse at me.

It's been a wet one here in Colorado for the better part of two weeks. After my plans to race STXC in Boulder yesterday fell through, due to rain, I had enough and decided to see how the local trails were holding up in the weather.  I put my Niner One9 back together early in the morning with the plan to race but it turned out to be a perfect tool for the weather.  The trails around Highlands Ranch continue to get better and yesterday they were tacky, fast,  and holding up well.

The plan to ride for 30-40 min turned into 1:45. I was just having too much fun. There is something about riding a SS for me that is liberating.  It might just be the simplicity of it all, or perhaps the tooling around "should I run a 32x19 or a 42x11?".  Whatever it is, I was drinking heartily riding around in the rain... on a 32x18.

So I took a Kerkovian-style (or Handian-style) photo of myself.

One more glamour shot of the reincarnated SS.

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