About Me

Hi, and thanks for stopping by.  I'll spare any mystery and suspense and come right out and say it:

I am a regular guy just like you.

I have an amazing wife, four active kids, a full-time job, and a great network of like-minded friends.  In 2009 I picked up the sport of mountain biking again a long time of not riding.  I upgraded to a bike made in the current decade and started with some group rides around the local Front Range hills of Colorado.  This moderate involvement quickly escalated into joining a team, training seriously, making new friends, racing, racing more, and racing even more.

Today I participate in 4-5 Marathon and Ultra Endurance events a year with a few cross country and short track races on occasion.  With the help of LW Coaching and the fortune to live in a great place to ride, I moved up to racing (mostly)  Pro / Open in 2013.  I have chronicled most of my adventures, triumphs, and frustrations over the years here on this website so please feel free to take a look.

See you out there!