Saturday, August 31, 2013

2013 Park City Point 2 Point

75 miles of wonderful singletrack later I crossed the line in 16th place Pro-Open ... and didn't get up for a long time.

2013 was my 3rd year racing the Park City Point 2 Point and I don't see that trend stopping anytime soon.  I know there are other great races out there but in terms of something I can race the same day and sleep in my bed that night, Park City takes the cake.  For anyone who hasn't raced this event you are really missing out on some quality racing or at minimum, a great day of trail riding.

There was very little drama during the race this year.  I showed up relaxed and rode with a bunch of great guys all day.  I had my good friend Joe Jackson at the aid stations handing bottles and food to me which was a huge help (thanks Joe!).  I think my longest transition was 30 seconds.  I raced Pro-Open and started off with guys riding at or faster than my pace.  This was, without a doubt, the biggest factor to a good result for me this go around.  Starting with a really fast group allowed me to race the whole course as fast as I wanted without any bottlenecks.  The racers I encountered were quick to move over for a pass and I returned the favor many times.

Speaking of the people, It was reaffirmed to me this year how cool the MTB race scene is.  My friend Curt Wilhelm ( came out for the race so it was fun to meet up and race with him again. I met a few new people on the race route as well.  It's odd to think you can cary on a conversation with someone while racing but it is possible at least for a little bit.  I had lots of KUHL teammates out on course with me and they hammered it.

One thing is for sure, I need to ride the Park City -> The Canyons leg sometime before next year.  I always forget how long that section is.  I thought I was closer to the finish than I was this time and fell off my nutrition plan, I bonked with an hour to go and never recovered.  As a result, I and had to watch two guys ride away from me.

You gotta eat if you want to go ZOOM....

Thanks to everyone who worked to put this event on and for all of my supporters this year.

See you next year P2P!

Circling back through the starting line after a hot lap in Round Valley.

2012 Flash 29.  The fastest bike I've ever owned.

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