Saturday, May 28, 2011

Cannondale Lefty PBR Service and Needle Bearing Reset

Cannondale Lefty PBR carbon converted to 29er
I swapped out my stock Fox fork that came on my 2011 Superfly 100 Elite with a Cannondale Lefty PBR  earlier this year.  It is an amazing ride even when converted to a reduced travel (90mm) for my circus wheels.  I have thoroughly enjoyed riding the rough Colorado trails with this amazing headshock. It rides smooth even in very rough terrain - a huge improvement over the Fox forks I have been riding over the years.  As with all new love affairs, there can be some rough spots in the relationship.  Mine came a few weeks ago when my PBR started to make some noise at the top of travel.  I tried a few air pressure adjustments, made sure everything was tightened up good and had limited success fixing this issue.  I even solicited the opinion of a few people who race Cannondale bikes (Bryan and Alex) for some insight into what might be going on.  It turns out Leftys need a little TLC in the form of a needle bearing realignment on occasion.  Thankfully I was pointed to the equivalent of a how to for dummies on the process from Mountain Bike Action.  So I will pay it forward to everyone interested as it is pretty easy to do.

How To Service Cannondale's Lefty Fork

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