Sunday, January 9, 2011

Core Strength

I've added a new routine to my training in 2011 in an effort to improve on last year's results: The Core Performance (recommended to me by Jeff).  A core workout is a staple in the training regimen of any serious athlete and admittedly I neglected this important part of training for most of 2010.  As a result I suffered directly from distracting back and neck pain which forced brief stopps multiple times during some of my longer races and indirectly in the form of power loss due to all around inefficiencies.  So as I said, I am trying to correct that.  So far the workouts are going really well and take less time than I thought they would.  Most of the workouts complete within 30min using minimal equipment.  Here are some links on the subject from people that know what they are talking about.

Core Performance
Core Strength for Mountain Bikers (Lynda Wallenfels)
Core Strength (Joe Friel)