Friday, November 5, 2010

One Year

Don Bartow - 2009 Leadville Trail 100
It's amazing how fast a year can go by...

One year ago today arrived at work only to be greeted by bad news.  A good friend and fellow co-worker, Don Bartow, had been in a serious accident riding into work and was in the hospital.  My first thought was a car / bike collision but that was not the case.  Don was riding on a quiet residential street no doubt enjoying a beautiful morning when one of the two bolds holding his handlebars snapped causing him to loose control of his bicycle and collide with the curb at high speed. He was rushed to the hospital where he remained in critical condition until he passed away surrounded by family and friends on November 7th 2009.

November 7th was also Don's birthday.

Although I didn't know Don for very long I have thought about him a lot over the past 12 months mostly during my morning commutes to work.  It has caused some reflection on many occasions how fragile it all is and a renewed appreciation for life, family, and  friends.  It was apparent from the comments of hundreds of Don's friends that he was "that kind of guy".  The kind of guy that would do anything for you, a rare gem in the world today.

We miss you Don!

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