Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Jason Hansen and Brandon Hodges on Georgia Pass.  Jason wants to make sure everyone can see his new Santa Cruz Tallboy prominently displayed in front of him.

I found out over the weekend that my 24 Hours of Moab team was not going to happen.  I was slated to ride on one of the MDC 4-man expert teams.  Despite the best efforts put forth by Keith, Adam, and myself we couldn't talk anyone else into filling the last spot on the team I was riding with.  Really?  It's like trying to recruit a 10-year-old to go to Disneyland Disney World.  One would expect a flock of eager volunteers. There were a few hopeful prospects but they all ended up falling through.  At one point Adam might have had Jeremiah Bishop on the hook but that too was short lived (ha ha).  Heck, I even floundered for a good 30 min. It was clear it wasn't going to happen. As a token of optimism, I suggested we register the team as "Jell-O nailed to a wall" if we did pull it off because that's what the process was turning into.  I realize everyone may be burned out or have a myriad of other reasons for not racing in Moab which I can definitely understand.  It is kind of disappointing not to bring it all together though.  As an alternative, I did consider for about 20 min registering solo but my last serious ride a few days before reminded me that I have been tapering since the Park City Point 2 Point almost a month ago.  If I am going to shell out that kind of money for a race I want to be in top form.  With the death of my 24HOM team came the end of my 2010 race season and hopefully the start of some good casual Fall riding.  

It is time to start socializing again.  

It's not that I haven't been trying all summer. I tried many times but I couldn't get any of my riding buddies to show up at 5:30am for a grueling 3-hour ride before work.  I don't blame them, I wouldn't want to show up that early to ride with me either.  I found it especially hard to get a 35-year-old body firing on all cylinders that early. No matter how much I hurt at the start, I always ended feeling completely alive at the end - something I had to keep reminding myself each morning during the first few pedal strokes.  

So now that the off season is here and the reasons for early morning madness are gone, I am starting to see some of my riding pals again and I have to say, it is a welcome change.  The first kickoff of this casual season was an early morning (ironic I know) ride from Kenosha Pass to Georgia Pass.  As you can see the Fall transition is well under way in the Colorado high country.  In fact I think this time last year the Georgia Pass was covered with snow.

Here is the route we took.

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