Thursday, September 30, 2010

The View From The Office

Anonymous person's view from his or her office.

Here is a little time filler for you when you have nothing else to do. Yes that's right, when you are completely out of anything productive to do whatsoever.  I'm talking stare at the floor boredom.  Search for "view from the office" on Twitter.  Over the past year I've noticed a lot of these "tweets" fly by my Twitter feed.  Each time I eagerly rush to click on the link following the aforementioned text.  After a hasty click, my curiosity is immediately gratified by a photo showing an amazing view... of something completely foreign to what I think of as "the office".  Perhaps someday my perception of this phrase will fall more inline with the office view shown above.

Until then, and in the spirit of giving back I eagerly present today's "view from the office".


The amazing view from Jeff's office.

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