Monday, October 11, 2010


Higham Boys - Arches National Park
Life is filled with them.  Firsts.  As I get older, I'm not sure which I enjoy more my firsts or watching others experience theirs.  This weekend it was definitely the latter.  I took my two oldest boys to Moab for an introduction to a number of firsts. Among them the first 24 hour mountainbike race experience and first time on Slickrock Trail. Neither of them had ridden Slickrock so I was excited to see what they could do.  I tried to boost up their confidence on the way explaining the physical properties of sandstone and the amazing "gription" they would get riding:

Me: "It's like they took sidewalk and poured it all over the mountains and let it dry. You will have amazing gription!"

Them: "Sidewalk? Gription?"

Me: "Yea, except it's orange.  It's really grippy on your tires not like the dirt in Colorado. I bet both of you could ride straight up a cliff if you wanted to."

Them: "Why do they call it slickrock if it is so grippy?"

Me: "Um..."

Here is how it went.

We also made it out to Dead Horse Point, another first for them.  The last time I visited was when I was 10 year old.  I will let the video below speak for me.  I will add that it is worth the extra hour of driving and the $10.00 entrance fee.

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