Wednesday, October 13, 2010

2010 24 Hours of Moab

Some fast bikes waiting on another lap
I wasn't going to write anything on this year's race given I didn't end up racing.  I did a glamour lap with Adam Saturday evening and it was fun mixing it up.  Mostly I just hung around with my two boys and watched the action and drama unfold.  As I said, I wasn't going to post anything but I was told by someone all things "Moab" should be in the public domain and I agree.  I didn't capture much from this year's race and for what it's worth, here is my contribution to the interwebs.

Late Saturday night I did an impromptu interview with Aaron Smith where he (apparently drunk on RockStar) explains how his race is going.  Aaron is a new friend of mine... I'm pretty sure he is joking... pretty sure.  As always my interview skills were off the charts awesome.

Driving home Sunday morning I pulled out the POV cam and hung it out the window.

Hopefully I'll have more to add next year.

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