Sunday, July 25, 2010


It's been a long time since I stepped foot in the cubicle I call home 40+ hours a week.  Two weeks in fact.  It's also been a long time since I mowed the lawn.  From the looks of it I need a lawn bailer rather than a lawn mower to get things back under control.

I've been on vacation... and it has been nice.

Plenty of family time to go around.

Amy and I atop Mount Baldy - Uinta National Forrest

Java in Fehr Lake - Uinta National Forrest
Fehr Lake - Uinta National Forrest

Plenty of riding time to go around as well.

Bald Mountain Pass - High Uintas
Wardsworth Trailhead - Hobble Creek Canyon / Mapleton Utah

Aaron Smith and Adam Lisonbee - Near Mount Timpanogos in Adam's playground.

Adam's Huge Stan's Monster

A cool photo Adam took of me that made me look really cool.  Did I mention I think this is a cool photo?

More video of the trails we were riding in that area.  Also check out the Epic Riding post.

Even with all of the family fun, I did manage to get in a race at Sundance with Keith Payne.

It was a long and hot drive back home over the Utah desert.  The Subaru almost gave up the ghost near Grand Junction but we made it.

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