Saturday, July 17, 2010

Did Not Start (DNS)

In the sport of mountain bike racing there can be a multitude of reasons a rider does not cross the finish line.  Scanning race results of any given race you might find two recurring acronyms trailing off the bottom:

DNS - Did Not Start
DNF - Did Not Finish

I logged my first ever DNS for the Breckenridge 100 today.  Sometimes a rider has to pull out of a race for mechanical or health reasons.  My case was neither but rather a "life happens" scenario and I was not up to the task of tackling this kind of challenging race.  The events of today (which I won't go into) further confirm I made the right decision.  This doesn't erase loss felt from the countless hours of riding, planning, and the anticipation of crossing the finish line of arguably the most difficult 100-mile race in the US.

With my race packet untouched, and a "2" still faintly written in sharpie on my left calf, I vow to return next year and cross the finish line.

Before then I have one more 2010 monster to tame:  The Park City Point-to-Point.

Bring it!

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