Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Breckenridge 100 Preview

This year will be my first time racing the Breckenridge 100, a 100-mile mountain bike race that dances around in the 9,000 to 12,000+ foot elevation range.  After getting the denial from the good folks at the Leadville Trail 100... ahumm ...  for the second year in a row, I decided that I might be better off racing other (possibly more challenging) races.  I was surprised I could just sign up for the Breckenridge 100 at my leisure, no lottery to deal with.  What?  I'm still puzzled why more people aren't flocking to this race.

Looking at the top finishers from years past it is obvious this is a tough race.  Josh Tostado, a current resident of Breckenridge is a legend in endurance mountainbike racing and the 1st place winner for this event every year-to-date (2005-2009).  It will be interesting to see if someone steps up this year to topple the reigning champion.  It certainly won't be me.  I have a rather ambitious goal of finishing the race in one piece.

Yuki Saito of the Topeak Ergon Racing Team and 3rd place finisher in 2009 mentioned to me today that the Breck 100 is probably the best/hardest 100 mile course he has ever ridden.  Yuki consistently finishes in the top 20 racers at XC and endurance events and has a good shot at a podium again this year.

 Jeff Kerkove also of the Topeak Ergon Racing Team describes the Breckenridge 100 course as a "kick in the nuts".  I take Jeff's word on this given his experience and knowledge of endurance racing at the elite level.  Based on many other race reports Jeff's description seems to fit the bill.  To further his credibility in such a bold statement I'll add that Jeff was the B-68 2008 winner. The B-68 is a companion race to the 100 that includes 2 of the 3 loops (shown below).  This race is 32 miles shorter than the 100 but covers much of the same grueling terrain.

Still not convinced? Have a look for yourself.

Loop 1: 29 miles, 3560 Feet Elevation Gain.

Loop 2: 32 miles, 4268 Feet Elevation Gain.

Loop 3: 36 miles, 4321 Feet Elevation Gain.

If that doesn't say "kick in the nuts" I'm not sure what does.  In any case, I'll be there July 17th with my cup on.

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MAJOR kick in the nuts