Saturday, February 12, 2011

Five Ps of Training

I found this in The Mountain Biker's Training Bible today.

Yea, I think those are pretty sweet bar ends too.

"No, there are no secrets when it comes to training. There always have been, and always will be, five ingredients for success in sport (as in any other endeavor in life).  They are the five Ps:
  1. Purpose - Know exactly what your goal is.
  2. Passion - Have a burning desire to achieve the goal.
  3. Planning - Determine precisely how to go about achieving the goal.
  4. Perspiration - Work hard (and smart) following your plan.
  5. Perseverance - Willingly make sacrifices to achieve the goal."
Easer said than done...

Happy training!


Andrew said...

I love that book! (I wish there was an app for it, though)

KDAY Racing said...

Actually, there is one secret. But I can't tell you about it.

Good book. It's funny how many of those I've read, the good information and how little I stick to it.