Friday, September 24, 2010

Unwinding at White Ranch

Jason Hansen - White Ranch Shorthorn Trail

I made the late afternoon drive from my office today to an area called White Ranch near Golden, Colorado to unwind from another stressful day.  This collection of trails have been a staple in my riding diet for over 4 years now but it has been months since I've made it up that way. With so many great riding areas closer, and the pressing need to get good ride time in for training this summer, White Ranch has repeatedly drawn the short straw.  Today I threw productivity aside and gave my old friend a visit.

As always, the trails did not disappoint.

I brought along the Niner SS as my trusty stead for the evening.  I also brought a riding light just in case but managed to make it back before darkness fell.  After loaning my pump to a few needy riders in the parking lot, I pointed my tire down the trail. I rode straight up belcher, a route I usually avoid in favor of other singletrack options a few turns into the ride.  While riding on the SS up the steep, loose doubletrack road I came close to reaffirming the reason for the trail name a few times.  I'm still getting used to riding with one gear.  It seems like it takes a good 30 min to convince my legs there are no other gear options and it's time to cowboy up.  By the end of the ride I was feeling really good.  One thing is for certain, I need some better grips on my SS rig. Some Ergon grips to be exact.  I have been riding with the GX1 grips on my race bike all year and can really feel a lack in both control and comfort when I ride something without them.

Here is a little summary of the ride taken from my Garmin.

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