Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Setting Multiple Garmin Screens For Training, Racing, and Riding

If you are like me, you use your Garmin device on almost every ride.  With the ability connect a heart rate monitor and power meter a Garmin is a great tool for the serious athlete.

Out of the box I don't find the default screens all that useful. Over the years I have tweaked my Garmin screens to show the most useful information at the right time whether I am riding for fun, racing, or training.

Here is how I have mine set up.

Screen 1:  Riding For Fun Screen. 

Screen 2:  General Training Screen: Laps, HR, Power, Cadence, Grade. 

Screen 3:  All Things Power. Great for non-interval rides with targeted power. 

Screen 4:  Intervals With Power. Power zone front and center.

Screen 5:  Intervals with HR.  I use this screen during races.

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