Saturday, July 2, 2011

Riding Mt Evans from Idaho Springs

Top of Mt Evans

I took a spin to the top of Mt Evans today with my neighbor Roger Stones.  I've had this ride in mind for a while but haven't made time for it.  One of the things about Colorado that made me fall in love with it are the big mountains.  We have a bunch of peaks over 14,000 feet (50+) and all of them are accessible by hiking trail.  Mt Evans and Pikes Peak are the only two that have roads to the top as far as I know.  These roads are handy if one were to be training for say the Breckenridge 100 in July or the Colorado Trail Race in August as both of these races jump over 12,000 feet.  With Colorado still under lingering snow pack on many of the high trails, paved roads to the top of 14ers are a good alternative for elevation riding.

Chillin' with a PB&J checking out the wildlife and the route from whence we came.

The route looking north.  Idaho Springs is at the top and Evans at the bottom.

Distance: 55.55mi, Elevation Gain: 7,202ft, Round-trip time: 4:16
As is the norm for me, we started pre-dawn.
Cockpit view: Ergon Grips & Gloves and Radical Lights on board.
Roger around 13,000 feet

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