Monday, May 21, 2012


They'll give anyone a ribbon these days.
It didn't take long last Saturday for me to remember why I don't race XC much.  My max HR is around 165, I'm rarely the first guy up the hill, or the fastest out of the gate, it takes me a long time to warm up.

I'm a diesel.

The last time I raced a true XC race was in Winter Park, Colorado in 2010.  I did a number of CU Boulder STXC races last year and had a blast.  Those did hurt but the hurt was short lived at 20-30 min max.  Fortunately for me, I enjoy racing long distances and it is no surprise that I tend to do better in the 50-100 mile range.  With that said, there is nothing more fun than bleeding out your eyes for an hour on twisty singletrack with a hundred other people on a sunny Saturday morning.  Thanks to the Intermountain Cup Racing Series for putting on a great event (my first).  I will be back for more sooner than later.

So what does it look like when you put a diesel in a rally car race?


Daniel Zvirzdin said...

165? That's an amazingly low max. Any idea why it's so low?

Jeff Higham said...

Not sure why it is so low (somewhere in the 165-170 range) I'm usually at least 20+bpm lower than others.

Here is an STXC from last year. I was going all out the whole time in Z4 and Z5 (Suffer Score). My Ave HR is 155bpm which is also the LTHR I get during my tests.

Some related reading:

Jeff Higham said...

Forgot the link to the STXC.