Saturday, January 28, 2012

Some Winter Racing

Lambert Park - Alpine, Utah
I got up a little early today, assembled something that would pass for a race-worthy single-speed and headed down the hill to Alpine at 8:45am to catch the 10th annual Frozen Hog MTB snow criterium.  They didn't actually have a single-speed race category so I was a little out-geared by the competition but only slightly.  The course was just over 3 miles and had a good mix of uphill, downhill, and icy corners.  I had bad placement into the singletrack after the Le Mans start and paid for that dearly burning my legs off trying to get by people that took the run a little more seriously.  In hindsight I should have ran a lot faster and spent less time heckling Keith Payne.  I think it is fair to say you can't really go into a race wanting to just "have fun" and expect to get really good results.  The truth be told, I don't think I can race for fun, I am WAY to competitive.  The fun start quickly turned into a serious game of chasing rabbits and trying to avoid traffic jams.  In the end I did have some good fun, chased some rabbits, and ended up 7th.

Icy trails and traffic jams.

One of the few flat sections. Nothing to do but spin and look at the scenery.


Ben Welnak said...

I like that final picture. At least your crank didn't fall off

Jeff Higham said...

Ha Ben. It seems my mechanical failures have gone way down now that I don't ride as much with a certain someone.