Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Chasing Rabbits - Moab Day Trip

I had a great day trip to Moab on monday which provided the perfect ending to the year.  Having some good southern Utah riding spots within a few hours drive makes a winter day trip well within the realm of possibilities any given weekend but it comes at a bit of a cost: SLEEP!  It was early Monday when I pulled up to Adam's house.  I was still shaking off the urge to to go back to bed and I think he was feeling the same way.  It took us 5 min to figure out "righty-tighty" on the bike rack as we wrestled his bike on the car in the dark.  We picked up Daren and Chris and pointed my Subaru south loaded down with four bikes and four dudes.  We had to chase Chris and KC down before 9:45am (wich turned out to be the theme for the day).  As I learned on my last trip to St George, they don't wait around, when it's time to ride they ride and they had a 45min head start on us.  I did finally reel them in and what ensued afterward was a great day of riding along Dead Man's Ridge and Sovereign Trail just north of town.  I rode pretty aggressively all day trying to hold the wheel of either Chris Holley or Josh Wolfe but spent most of the time on the extreme end of a long rubber band.  I figure if  I put enough time in chasing fast guys like this around some of their magic pro dust is bound to rub off on me.  It was great to get out with a big group.  The dynamic was great and I had a lot of fun.  And that's what it's all about folks!

Adam, Chris, KC

Daren, Chris, Josh

Chris on Deadman's Ridge

Chris and KC

Adam, Chris, Chris, KC, Josh

Josh and Chris

Adam imparting some wisdom

Cool barn next to the gas station

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