Wednesday, July 6, 2011

2011 CU Boulder Short Track #6

Suffering. ..  Photo:  Kelly Feagans
I kicked it up a notch this week and took on the Men's A race at the CU Cycling Short Track Series. There weren't too many people so the race was pretty thin and went about how I expected it to go... with me straight off the back from the start riding solo most of the race.  It was fun to mix it up with the top-level riders in the area and push limits though.  The thing I like most about these races is the transparency. There is no where to hide.  Unlike the longer endurance races where riders are seen at the start and then 4-10 hours later at the finish, with STXC, failures and successes are played over lap after lap. Everyone watching can mark your progress, see you suffer, and cheer you on even if you are one the the last guys to cross the line.

Punchy course either kept you on the brakes or the gas.

pain-o-meter. 15 min longer than my past B races.

When I arrived in Boulder and found out all of the races were about 15-min behind, I decided to take a quick spin up to the Valmont Bike Park about 3 miles away from CU. This place is pretty sweet and has terrain for just about every rider.  I went ahead and pulled a 360 of the XL on my way back to the race.

Valmont Bike Park, Boulder

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