Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Skyward Push

Distance: 35mi, Time: 3:42:00, Elevation: 6713ft

It is time to start getting serious about my biggest challenge this year the Breckenridge 100 taking place July 16th. The Bailey Hundo was a good start. And last weekend I did the old out N' back shown above. This weekend I hope to get up into some elevation with a possible Mt Evans ride following up with either Winter Park Valley Point-to-Point or Forty In The Fort to top off the training the following weekend.  It's clear that the local trails by my house, although they have served me well thus far, will be wholly inadequate in my preparations for the task that awaits next month.


Ben Welnak said...

ah...the falcon and lair of the bear...
You should have joined us on Sunday!

Jeff Higham said...

Sunday... hum... looking through email for my invite... not in the junk mail. Puzzling?!?!? HA! I was unavailable sunday but looks like you guys had a good one.