Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Addicted To Darkness

Radical Lights RADXL, 985 Lumens

I rode off into the dark early again this morning just like I have a few times already this week but this time I had company.  Ben Welnak, another member of the team joined me dark and early.  The 4:30am start didn't seem to phase Ben so it sounds like I found someone as messed up as I am when it comes to early mornings and exercise.  The following sent from Ben via Twitter, apparently already in route, describes the looming 2 hours and 45 min of riding in the dark "fun".  He was right, I had a blast and fun did hurt just a little, but that is kind of the point isn't it?

We rode for just under 30 miles and just shy of 3k climbing all before 7:30am.  On the last climb, Ben motioned to stop to check out some funkiness going on with his bike.  And funky it was.  I found out later this was the 5th frame to suffer the same fate.

Take home message: don't loan Ben your bike because he will send it home in a pine box.

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Ben Welnak said...

ha ha. True, but only kind of. I had two siren frames last year that broke 3 times. Andrew Carney broke the same frame twice last year too..... Aluminum hardtails really shouldn't crack at the headtube-not sure what was going on with the weld on that run... This one had experienced a drive by into a hotel roof. Jon's I legitimately put a crack in with a rock that flew up apparently. So 1 for 5 cracks was legit.