Sunday, January 23, 2011

2011 Stallion

Gary Fisher Superfly 100
I'm taking the plunge into the "circus wheel" world this year (as Bryan calls them).  My two weapons will be a Niner One9 single speed and a 2011 Gary Fisher Superfly 100 (thank you Wheat Ridge Cyclery!)  Both of these bikes roll on big 29" wheels.  Both are worthy stallions to ride into battle.  Both will make my 6 foot 3 inch frame look a little more proportional to the bike (not that it will help my racing all that much but still).  For comfort  I will again be riding with Ergon grips.  This year in addition to the Ergon GS2 grips, I will also be sporting the Ergon HX2 gloves.  These bad boys are designed to work seamlessly with Ergon grips to make up a complete system.  I'll be posting a review once these hit the market and I have some riding time in on them.

As anyone that has participated in this sport knows, it takes quite a bit of $$ just to have the necessities to train and compete.  For this reason I am happy to have such a great support system in my racing team and our fine sponsors.  Without them my 2011 racing season wouldn't be possible.

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