Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Ready, Set, Suffer! Scenes From The 2010 Colorado Trail Race

I spent yesterday morning at the start of the 2010 Colorado Trail Race.  Below is a look into the start of one of the hardest endurance races in the world.  Look for a full writeup in my Epic Riding blog post.

Interview with Jeff Kerkove of the Topeak-Ergon racing team.  My interview skills were lame but he was a good sport about it.

Ethan Passant Introduction

Riding around the start of the race with my Flip Ultra.

More riding around killing time at the start.
The best quote of the day came from Eszter Horanyi "I could be at work right now."

 The view from the top of my head as the race gets under way. There was some confusion leading into the single track as there are multiple trails to choose from.  I might have disqualified everyone in the whole race by shouting "keep going straight" but we'll keep that a secret.  I do 70% of my riding in Indian Creek so the trails here are familiar.

The view riding the first few miles of singletrack.  Here you will see the likes of Dave Harris whom I crashed right in front of  for no apparent reason (sorry Dave), Jesses Jakomait, and Jeff Kerkove.  I rode behind Jeff for 15-20 min before stopping to get some footage of the riders behind us at Lenny's Rest - where the Indian Creek dumps into the Colorado Trail.

Racers leading into The Colorado Trail at "Lenny's Rest" near Watterton Canyon.  I pretty much got a shot of everyone excluding the leading 3 riders.

Flickr Photo Stream: Race Start + Many others

Jeff Wolfe riding with Bob Butrico

Flickr Photo Stream: Jeff Kerkove's Photos

And lastly.... I have this baby for sale if anyone wants a CTR race bike for 2011!

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