Friday, June 25, 2010

An Afternoon In Indian Creek

Some of my most memorable riding experiences have been pedaling through the winding and relatively remote trails of Indian Creek.  It was here 4 years ago with encouragement from friends I entered world of mountain biking again after close to a 5-year hiatus. Unlike many of the more common and well traveled trails in Douglas and Jefferson County (Deer Creek, Mount Falcon, Apex, Green Mountain, Chimney, White Ranch), Indian Creek provides a level of solitude and most importantly to me yesterday - shade.  It was 93 F in the car on my drive to the trailhead!

One of the draws to these trails is the challenging terrain: winding climbs with roots and rocks that seem to go straight up at times.  Tight and fast singletrack with huge rises that force both tires into flight.  It is  impossible to ride these trails without getting a good workout.

There are a number of stream crossings to navigate on the trail.  During the fall these dry up but today they were flowing with clear water. Some of them have bridges in various forms while others require one to splash on through.  I usually walk across this one because I'm a wussy and don't want to get wet.  I know someone that will pay 5 bones for video proof of a wheelie over it though (Danny MacAskill you are excluded).

Did I mention singletrack?

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