Sunday, May 9, 2010

2010: Front Range 50

I saddled up for the Front Range 50 at with my teammate and friend Kenny Lanham.  The race is 5 laps around a 10-mile loop at Bear Creek State Park making a total of 50 miles.

Kenny and I were fortunate enough to have someone there to run support each lap.  Heck we even had an official looking easy-up flying a team banner in the feed zone.

For the most part the race was uneventful.  5 laps of singletrack, doubletrack, one large climb, and 2 or 3 small kickers.  Around lap 2 they started the shorter XC race that added to the congestion of an already congested course.  The faster riders were constantly forced to pass in the rough to get around slower riders.  Aside from those setbacks the race was a good test for early season conditioning.

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