Monday, January 28, 2013

Camp Lynda V6

I attended Camp Lynda once again this year put on, once again, by the the dynamic duo of Lynda Wallenfels and Dave Harris of LWCoaching.  Despite the 50% chance of rain both days, St George, Utah delivered.  Friday was excellent, the trails were dry and there were plenty of fast guys to chase around the desert.  Saturday we hit some of the best trails around including Zen on the True Grit race course.  The weather didn't cooperate but the cool temperatures and wet trails made for some very fun riding.  It was definitely fun to ride the whole day with guys that I usually only see briefly at the races before they hammer off the front.  I also met some new people that I hope to hit the trail with again before next year.  If you haven't made it out to Camp LW I highly recommend you give it a try. The pace is relaxed and there is plenty of riding company for all fitness levels.

Meeting at in the Starbucks Parking Lot for Day 1

Headed back from the "City Creek-Pioneer Hills-Pioneer Rim-Powerline-Dino Tracks-Church Rocks-Prospector-SilverReef" ride on day 1.

Somewhere near Church Rocks (I think).   These trails were new to me.

Same place as above.

Pushing the 34/20 SS up a big sandy hill east of town.

Day 2 Start.  Duff Johnson, Chris Faatz, Brandon Firth and The Gear Rush tent occupied by Alex Grant

Taylor Lideen, Alex Grant, Brandon Firth, Bart Gillespie (left-right).

Same guys, different order.

Dirty bikes ready to head home,  but not too dirty.

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