Saturday, August 18, 2012

Race Report: 2012 Mount Ogden 100k at Snowbasin

I rode a Cannondale Flash Carbon outfitted with a Lefty XLR Carbon 90mm and Stan's Race Gold 29er wheels.  Absolutely no excuses riding this baby, in fact it almost climbs the hills for you.

I had another great weekend of racing this week taking on the Mount Ogden 100k at Snowbasin.  This was the first time I've ridden these trails and they were just outstanding.  The singletrack rivals anything I've ridden in the past including Park City and Breckenridge.  The elevation is on the mild end topping out at around 8,500ft which made for a really fun day of riding.  I spent most of the day chasing Jon "Lord" Russell around.  It was a fun / hard day and we ended up going 1st and 2nd when it was all said and done.  Below are some maps of the course and photos of me looking really cool racing my bike.  A big thanks to all of my sponsors and supporters that make it possible for this regular guy to enjoy such an awesome sport.

See you at Park City in 2 weeks!

The course view from Google Earth taken from my Garmin file. We do everything twice except the loop at the top of the map which we do only on lap 1.

Elevation profile from my Garmin file.
Temperature reading taken from my Garmin file.  Yea it was hot at the end.


Lap 2 after climbing Mt Ogden for the second time.

Same hill as above just a little further down.

The finish!

I couldn't hang around for the podium.


KDAY said...

Home away from home. Let me know if you're ever interested in riding up there again.

Daniel Zvirzdin said...

Nice job. You look thrashed there at the end. That's always a good feeling.