Sunday, November 6, 2011

Winter Cometh

Utah snow making an appearance in undisclosed location.

There hasn't been much to write about on the old blog.  I'm getting settled into my new surroundings here in Utah just in time for the winter storms to start pounding my Suncrest ecosystem.  I've ridden the new backyard trails enough to have a good arsenal of MTB training routes lined up for the spring.  I also pulled out the Strava iPhone app to log some elevation profiles of the road up both sides of the Draper hill.  I'm told the Tour of Utah comes right up the hill by my house so It looks like I'll not only have some aggressive training terrain but also a front row seat to the race in 2012.  For now, I plan to put the bike time on the back burner for most of November (but I'll keep the burner turned on) and focus on less exciting but more important things.  Like always, I'll continue to obsess about riding and set up some sweet training and racing schedules.  I may try to catch one of the last few UTCX Cyclocross races.

Here is a little sample of my new best friend for hill intervals next spring.  I'm looking forward to the convenience of getting the LWCoaching workouts in without too much wasted travel time.

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