Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Objects In The Mirror: A look back on 2010

This year is going to be one I'll remember for a long time not so much for the events that took place but rather the people I have met in the past 12 months.  I have many to thank for the memories of 2010 -  people that have inspired, motivated, and mentored me as I took on my first real season of mountain bike racing at the young age of 35.  At the forefront of these individuals is Mark Zuckerberg.  Not far behind Mark is Jack Dorsey.  Not really... but sort of.  These are the Facebook and Twitter guys and really have nothing to do with cycling or mountain bike racing.  They are billionaire geeks not hard-core athletes. But they did create the vehicle(s) that have made the most difference to me as I stepped my way through the months of training and racing in 2010. In the process of making their billions, they also made it possible for me to meet so many inspiring, motivating, and down right cool people.  I'm not talking about an online relationship but rather real people with whom I have ridden trails, raced, laughed, and enjoyed a common love for the outdoors and cycling with.  If I were to list names of people I first met on Twitbook then in person this year, it would total close to 50.  Some of you have offered a couch or a room to me before a big race.  Others have answered 1000 nubie questions on topics ranging from race nutrition to tire pressure.  Others have given me opportunities that I wouldn't have otherwise had. Many have captured my attention for hours on end reading about adventure and everyday life.  Some of you are veteran superstars on the race course that still took the time to talk to an agegrouper like me after pulling off a podium finish. Some of you I still need to meet in person and will make that a goal of 2011.  So without listing names I want to offer a big Thank You for taking me in and letting me share in this awesome sport with you this year.  I look forward to riding with all of you and the challenge of trying to kick your collective arses on the race course in 2011!

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